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The Green Connection is a small and friendly business that offers its clients a prompt and reliable service. We are well networked and keep up with the latest developments and innovations within our constantly evolving industry.

Welcome to The Green Connection

Reliable Tree Assessments throughout Melbourne and Yarra Ranges Regions

Tree specialist Melbourne

The Green Connection offers you a comprehensive and professional arboricultural consulting service. We provide comprehensive reporting on the vegetation on your property.


After conducting an arborist tree report, if we find that there are abnormalities regarding the vegetation on your property, we provide adequate assistance and solutions to the problem.


We are constantly keeping up with new developments and technologies to further provide our clients with the best service in arboriculture matters available.


We provide: 

  • Arborist Reports / Tree Reports ? our qualified team provide comprehensive and detailed arborist reports in Melbourne and the Yarra Ranges. Our reports are thorough and will leave you with peace of mind.
  • Tree Inspections / Safety Inspections? Our tree specialists provide inspections that will lead to a guaranteed protection from further problems.
  • Management Plans? This will result in detailed plans to maintain your property?s vegetation.

We are a leading plant health care provider that provides an arborist report on the following: 

  • Garden pest and disease identification.
  • Pest and disease control.
  • Treatments for trees in poor health.
  • Soil improvement / Soil conditioning.
  • Tree and garden feeding.
  • Elm leaf beetle control.
  • Sooty mould control.


Contact Us Today for Comprehensive Tree Assessments from Our Specialists

Our tree specialists are available to conduct a thorough tree report in Melbourne and the Yarra Ranges. When you contact the Green Connection for a tree assessment, you will be guaranteed protection from any further problems regarding the trees and plants at your home. We have a team of highly experienced arborists who are experienced in treating problems relating to all matters of vegetation.


Call us today on 0403 840 475 or email to receive a detailed arborist report which will leave you with peace of mind and guarantee further protection from the problems having vegetation on your property can produce.